About Us

The desire to own and operate this boutique hotel in Wellfleet was the outcome of many years of conversation surrounding the dreams and vision for the Wagner family; and, in particular their four daughters. Erica and Leo adopted four little girls – sisters! – in 2013 after a year of pre-adoptive planning, custody and transition. These resilient girls were 3,4,6 and 7 when they were able to start re-writing their own life story.

Prior to adopting the girls, Erica and Leo articulated what they wanted to retain in their life and marriage; but also pursue in anticipation of becoming parents. Ensuring that their puppies didn’t lose status as “children”, continuing to travel the world, stiletto heels, and riding their Harley’s all made the “retain” list. Reminding their girls that they are here to change the world, building into them a strong character of work ethic and entrepreneurship, and planning for the future of their children’s children are all part of the vision to “pursue”. Beyond their own life and that of their children, the desire to continuously and increasingly give underpinned all ambition. The creation of jobs, being engaged in the lives of people in an authentic manner, and remaining intimately connected to family are all high priorities. Further, Erica and Leo are deeply entrenched in a number of philanthropic endeavors. Their greatest affinity is for the protection and provision of children around the world. All of these facets and attributes comprised the vision for ownership of The Wagner at Duck Creek.

Erica is educated as an attorney and currently serves as the Vice President of Global Real Estate + Workplace Productivity for Akamai Technologies. She has great affection for the company, its leadership, collective mission, and the talent on her team. It was not intuitive to relocate 100 miles away from this beloved career. But, when it became clear that the only sacrifice would be her commute and everything else was a “win” for the family, Erica devised ways to prepare for it mentally and make it productive. She is known to do at least 200 bicep curls, educate through 60 minutes of audio book, drink 3 cups of coffee, and complete a minimum of two conference calls all before 6:30 am. Leo, a veteran of the Marine Corps and with more than 25 years of corporate leadership on his resume, is his wife’s greatest champion and his girls favorite hero. His upbringing on a farm, combined with his public sector service and private sector experience contribute to a multitude of talents. He has lead teams, multi-million dollar capital projects, built a house, and was trained in avionics and global security. The people who know Leo are familiar with the phrase “Leo can fix anything”.

So what made this couple think they could be successful in the management of what is akin to a boutique hotel, restaurant, and banquet facility? In their many years of fortune 500 corporate experiences, Erica and Leo traveled and experienced hospitality around the globe. It was their focus to one day harness all of the enhanced pieces and bring it under one roof for others to experience and share. The purchase of The Wagner at Duck Creek was a natural fit and inauguration for their aspirations and their daughters’ futures’.

70 Main Street, Wellfleet MA. 02667